08 June 2004

A Few Additional Rules for Living.

If open-toed shoes, then pedicure.

Vanilla is just about always better than chocolate.

Neuhaus chocolate an exception to the above.

The word is spelled "dammit," not "damnit." I don't care why.

Gossiping is okay; talking about people behind their backs is not okay. A fine line.

"Home in," not "home in."

If you mean "I," say "I." Nobody is so busy that they can't use pronouns to begin their sentences.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, broke the first rule Saturday night then. Oh well. Lucy and Ethel approved of the new shoes which makes up for it I think. On number two you are wrong wrong wrong, silly girl. Also, thank you thank you thank you DAMMIT.

I guess you're allowed your own rules for your own living. I think the one universal rule for everyone is: Have your own rules for living and don't try to make them everyone else's rules. (Not that I think you are:)

BTW, I think these "rules" posts are a very good example of the kind of essay-thing you have been wanting to write, that we were discussing a little while ago. They stretch your writing muscles and are entertaining to read.

Lots o' love,