18 June 2004

Business. Travel.

Two-hour wait on the runway (in the plane) at Newark Wednesday to get to Raleigh. We get there late.

Work follows on Thursday. Early day, but good altogether, I think and hope. We finish early.

I am the last standby to get onto the 3:10 flight, instead of the 6:00. I'm psyched.

We sit on the runway for four hours. We take off after 7:00.

We land at Dulles at 9:00 because New York airports have closed down.

At 11:00, we get on a bus at Dulles. We get to Newark at 3:30.

I get to the take a shower at 4:15 and am in bed by 5:00.

There are more amusing ways to tell this story, but right now I have neither the time nor the adrenaline to do so.

I still love Newark Airport though.


Anonymous said...

You forgot the A.M.'s and P.M.'s


Sarah said...

At that point, it hardly mattered.

Anonymous said...

hmm...how did one get from Newark to home and the shower?