13 May 2008

Harder Better Faster Stronger

This was the most beautiful day of the year so far. And for the first time in weeks, I got to get out at lunchtime. And this time, I ran the farthest I've ever run.

(I would've said furthest, but Doug would correct me again. And he'd still be right.)

Anyway, I was feeling chipper when I got back from my lunch break. Pretty proud of my three and a half miles. (Four, if you count walking to and from the track.)

Then I read about Peter's marathon training.

I tend to be the littlest bit competitive. So being reminded that, for many people, my gasping little trot is not the smallest fraction of what they would consider a difficult workout... sort of put a puncture in my balloon.

I'm not saying it should have. I know. But it did. I'm just like that.

But then I went to tae kwon do.

The thing I love about that place is that nobody ever thinks I can't do anything. The assumption is always that I can. And the thing about that is, sometimes they're wildly wrong - but only the first time. Because eventually, no matter how crazy I think they are for thinking I can, they're always right. I always can.

And tonight the class was just the way I like it. Terrifyingly, appallingly, out of my league. Two dozen black belts getting ready for their test... and me.

(I am not a black belt. Not even close. I am not going to be a black belt for years.)

But tonight, they were doing the physical requirements for the black belt test. So that's what I did. And a full class of forms (well, the ones I know, anyway) and kicks and sprints. And I learned some grappling.

It wasn't until I was nearly done that I realized that the reason I was so tired was not just because they'd all been training for years longer than me. Or because I hadn't slept much. Or because it was nine o'clock. It was because of those three and a half miles.

But I still did it. So yeah. I don't brag usually because I don't usually think I have much to brag about. But today I'm close to satisfied with myself, and that feels nice.

Now, though, I'm going to go soak my bruises.


Matthew said...

Atta girl!!! Now get your uniform pressed, stand at attention; feet at a 45 degree angle, thumbs on your trouser seems and scream out the 8 general orders of a sentry!
Ready, MOVE. KILL.

In all seriousness, I'm impressed and you should be too.

Bob said...

Piglet makes me smile.

Karen said...

well done you! You are a rock star!

Jillian Villafane | Make-up Artist said...

Your time management skills are AMAZING.

I can barely manage a run and 'working' from home during the day. Where and how do you find the time? Do you eat?