18 May 2008

Be More Social. But Also, Fact-Check.

An overdue explanation and apology for misunderstanding, misinterpreting, jumping to conclusions and just altogether being me.

(Please read this post or this conversation will make zero sense.)

Tracy: A public notice that my reading comprehension skills suck?!
Sarah: Wha?
Tracy: The blog, baby. The blog!
Sarah: It was not! You read his blog and took it personally. Now you read MY blog and take IT personally.
Tracy: Harrumph. Did not.
Sarah: Did too!
Tracy: The post came across to me as... if you don't keep up on technology, you WILL get left behind. Not ME personally, but everyone who doesn't start Twittering.
Sarah: Well, sorta, but it's like, don't just try to figure out how to play these new technologies your way or try to ignore them - keep learning and keep an open mind.
Tracy: See. You have just implied that my reading of his post was incorrect.
Sarah: Not incorrect. I just see it SLIGHTLY different. CRIKEY, LADY.
Tracy: Stop yelling at me biotch!

...some time later...

Tracy: Hey, what if, hypothetically, you got all riled up about the wrong guy?
Tracy: http://www.pr-squared.com/2008/04/get_into_twitter_or_get_outta.html
Tracy: I'm just sayin'.
Tracy: It could happen. You know. Possibly.

Sorry Miss T. You were right. But, then, you already knew that.

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