28 April 2008

What Matters to You Right Now?

Answer that, please. What's really getting to you?

Now. Please go read this story about Matt Logelin. (You can't see his blog right now - the traffic from the story probably crashed it - but you can see his photostream.)

I defy you not to have it break your heart.

It just makes your world stop. And when it creaks back into motion, all you want to do is find someone you care about and hold them as tight as you can while you tell them exactly how much you love that they are there, that minute, and how much they matter, and how little anything else does.

Maybe, if the smallest bit of good could come from something so breathtakingly unfair, maybe that's it. It's hard to even think that though.

If you pray, or think, or whatever you do - let's do some for him.

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