27 April 2008

Mistaken Identity 21: Want a Margarita?

With as many girls named Sarah that they're friends with, you'd think they'd double-check their email addresses. Oh well. If you're in Atlanta next weekend and want to crash the party, let me know and I'll give you the details.

You are invited to FELIZ LES DE MAYO!!!!! by Christi and Kim.

Location: Leslie and Kim's Casa
When: Friday, May 2, 9:00PM

No time for a siesta...we're having a fiesta! You're invited to CELEBRATE Senorita Leslie's 26th Cumpleanos! There will be plenty of cold cervezas, sombreros, and marcas... so bring your amigos as we listen to La Bamba and hit the pinatas!!

  • Josh
  • Leslie - would the party girl miss her own party!?!
  • Sarah (+ 1 guest) - can't wait!
  • Brittany - Nice picture. Can't wait.
  • Deanne - If I am still awake by 9, i will make it!, no joke1
  • Tony - I'll ax my gurl, but I'll need to carpool from Dekatur.
  • Kayla (+ 1 guest) - Of course I will be there! I finish exams that day so I will be ready to party! Let me know if I can bring anything to add to the festivities!!!
  • Cambo - Kim - I mean if you are going to force me, I guess..... bye!
  • Susan (+ 1 guest) - can't wait!!!! i am going to try & talk darren into giving the books a break and coming out to celebrate!
  • Sarah (+ 1 guest)
  • Molly - before i finalize my decision, what assortments of candy will be inside the pinatas?
  • Matt (+ 1 guest) - arriiiiba
  • Amy (+ 1 guest) - We are so there!!!!!!!
  • Kyle
  • Mikey
  • Allison - i'll be in the middle of final exams, but a cold cerveza might be just what i need! thanks for the invite!
  • Sean - If I am in town, I will be there. I am so bringing a funnel too
  • Shane -Will be out of town. Happy bday les-bo....
  • Josephine -Hey ladies! Long time no see. The 2nd is my birthday..so i will be celebrating as well. Sorry i can't make it. Hope this finds y'all well and HAPPY BIRTHDAY LESLIE!! Starting our upward climb to 30...can't wait.
  • Molly - I would love to be there but its during my finals! Have fun and Happy Birthday Les!
  • Taylor - I have a wedding that weekend. Happy Birthday Leslie!
  • Leigh - Wish I could come but I'm babysitting! But have fun!
  • Bray - I will be out of town. Have fun!

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