11 November 2007

Weekly Roundup: Playlist Edition

I'm alone, which means I'm singing. Here's some of what's on my "songs of the week" playlist....

You maybe have noticed that I have a thing for pop (see also Leona Lewis, "Bleeding Love"). Really more of a shameless, flagrant, head-over-heels adoration. Therefore:
  • Ashley Tisdale, "He Said She Said." YouTube.
  • Colbie Caillat, "Bubbly." YouTube.
  • Rooney, "When Did Your Heart Go Missing." YouTube.
But I'm not usually a massive fan of covers or live versions. However, you maybe also have noticed that if I make a statement I am generally going to cross it at some point. Therefore:
  • Lemar and Jamelia, "Addicted to Love," from the 2005 Brits. Download.
  • Plain White T's, "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow." Download.
I have always, however, been a huge fan of the throwback. Therefore:
  • L.L. Cool J, "Around the Way Girl." YouTube.
  • Run DMC, "Run's House." YouTube.
If you're looking for longer distractions, I just added Mickey Factz "Heaven's Fallout" to "albums of the week". I mostly can't be bothered with the unsigned-artist thing, but it's growing on me enough to give it a chance.

And before that, the "Across the Universe" soundtrack. I didn't like it much till I saw the movie. Now... it's another of those flagrant head-over-heels things. I like those.

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