11 November 2007

Play With Words, Feed People

FreeRice.com. It's a game. It has no time limit. It's geeky. And it benefits charity. It may be the best website ever created.

I got to 45. Can you beat me?


Karen said...

You forgot the part where it's addictive as hell. I played for the first time this morning to wake my brain up and had to stop myself after 500 grains. I only got up to 42. But I'm really tired. I can do better.

Beth said...

uh, i got 60 on the first try. YAY! but I'm a little confused about how you got 45 (or karen got 42) because for me it only counted by tens...?

Sarah said...

When you get words wrong it takes points away little by little. But clearly that was not a problem for you :)

Beth said...

oh wait, i see - you're talking about vocab level? I was just looking at grains of rice.

I'm working on it - I got up to a 41 but then got bumped down. Maybe I'll try later.

totally geeky, and totally fun!