25 May 2007

Weekly Roundup: What Have You Done for Me Lately Edition

Wow, I've been asking a lot lately, haven't I?
But I know you can do it. And if you do.... maybe imma make you some of these like Rin and I did today. Creative, festive, delicious, and just a little weird: just like us. Fear us, Pittsburgh Cookie Table.

Other odd goings-on this weekend:
  • Realizing that there are not enough parking spots disguised as drag queens. Because if there were, I'd find them.
  • Learning that women are like sailboats. Because you have to constantly change to keep up with them. Or because they're oceangoing vessels you dump money into. I forget which.
  • Discussing the origins of zombies in front of priceless art.

So yeah. It's random.

But happy Memorial Day. Take a minute to remember somebody who did fight - is fighting - will fight - and think good thoughts for them. Sine qua non.

That's all she's got. Escalator.

P.S. Go for it, Olivia.

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