05 May 2007

Weekly Roundup: Pharmaceuticals, Technology and a Little Bit of Love

  • If I didn't already take long showers, now I could get a TV in there. I'd actually become a prune.
  • I was going to say that since everybody has a little secret desire to be a spy this pen-sized scanner is really cool... but I was so annoyed by the creepy semi-animated girl on their site that I don't like it as much anymore. She looks like those awful investment commercials.
  • In happier news, Lovelines (not the Dr. Drew version) is a gorgeous algorithm that collects "loves" and "likes" and "wants" and "dislikes" and "hates" from across the blogosphere and puts them all on a slider for you to play with. It's hard to explain but a little addictive, specially the Pictures tab.

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