01 April 2007

Weekly Roundup: The One That Didn't Make Any Sense

  • So this week I've found out about one person's pregnancy and another person's marriage by way of Myspace. Is it just me, or is that sort of.... Anticlimactic? D√©class√©? Impersonal?
  • And while we're talking about Myspace bad taste, this site has to be the worst possible.
  • And that makes me think of this book that Tracy told me about.
  • And after all this if you're in kind of a crotchety mood... like I have been today... may I recommend you go YouTube the phrase "baby laughing". It's better than uppers.
  • And maybe that will help you tomorrow when you have to go to a meeting and let it make you dumb.
  • But if it gets too much for you, here are some ideas.
  • No, no, just kidding. Sorry. Don't do it. Look at this, instead, and remember that there is love and happiness and sunshine and daisies in the world.
  • Or if you're not gooey like that, but you're just not up for work, call out.


Okay, fuck this, yo. I've been trying to construct a narrative out of me going through my deli.cio.us and trying to clean out a bunch of old links by posting them here, so I can feel okay about deleting them (and why don't I just delete them? It's not like I'm saving links to the Magna Carta here. Why I gotta be so OCD?) and it's just getting really stilted and stupid. I'm just not in a super-creative mood. I'm sleepy and it's rainy and I'd rather scootch down and curl up with my new book.

So here's a few things I'll throw out, in absolutely no order...
And that's all she's got. Ima gonna go talk to Cheese and Sac now so she can tell me who needs killing, and he can give me my next assignment.

Yeah. It's that kind of Sunday.

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