08 April 2007

Weekly Roundup: Jon Is a Fine Piece of Ass Edition

I don't lie.

Kerrin being in Cancun, it's up to the rest of y'all to get bored this week and use these links. Whether you think the theme is Easter or candy I guess depends on whether you are more religious or hungry. It’s a roundup post and a Rorschach test all in one.

Good Cadbury: The Cadbury Bunny Ad

Evil Cadbury: The Crème Egg Conspiracy
Outed by B.J. Novak. Does the good brought to the world by The Office never end?

The Edible Easter Billboard

Happy Easter.

P.S. Confidential for Jon: so you can memorize them like Sac.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So does that mean you do think balding guys are cute?

Nice cover up.

Thanks for the link!! :)