06 April 2007


You reminded me of some of these today, so here's a few for everybody to look at and go "awww".

So: "awwww."

You're an awful lot taller now, but you're still my little brother.

Happy birthday, Matt!


Karen said...

what an adorable child. who was apparently ALWAYS wearing a hat. was he born with the hat on? :)

Happy Birthday Matt

Sarah said...

What's funniest about that is that I didn't even notice - because, yeah, pretty much, he was. He may possibly have gone through a phase where he slept with one on.

Whee, funny stories about Matt!

Matthew said...

Oh whatever. Like I was the only kid on the planet to have a crutch like that. At least I didn't watch Sesame Street till I was 15 like some other weirdoes.