28 March 2007

What Have We Here?

Some explaining:

Yes, I missed the Sunday roundup. I am deeply sorry. Although that's still no reason for bitchy IMs. I thought I was the passive-aggressive one, Tracy?

I've been in New Orleans. And oh my gosh I love that place. I like my job normally. But when it's concentrated and amped up like at a meeting, I've gotten to really love it. It shows who knows their stuff and who's good at what. And when it's someplace that fun? If you can do what you're good at and what you like and then go out drinking and dancing and laughing all night? Why would you want to leave?

Well, maybe to get more than four hours' sleep. And also to get to my fantastic chiro, who's basically becoming my GP. Bad news, he banned working out for at least a week. Good news is, it seems he's figured out what was wrong with my ankle. I mean, apart from walking around in heels all day and then dancing all night, every night.

Some housekeeping:

I've cleaned up the blogroll a little to get rid of blogs I didn't read or friends who gave it up. If you're gone, I don't hate you, you just stopped updating. Well, except for you. YOU, I hate.

Some (belated) rounduping:
  • For Jilly: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows cover art released. If you understand that, you don't need an explanation; if you don't, you don't want one.
  • For Erin: more Blackberry games. For when Deblocked stops doing it for you.
  • For Olga: Definition of "come-hither". Yeah, no.
  • For lefties: Anything Left Handed. Because hell hath no fury like me trying to use a pair of scissors shaped all stupid. Last night even the butter knife was backward. The hell?
    • (I just learned "ciotóg" - Gaelic. "Strange one" or "clumsy" or "left-handed". Sounds like "kithogue." It should be my middle name. I love it.)
  • For just in general: What flavor Pocky are you? (I am Chocolat Orange Pocky: the perfect partner in crime, apparently. If you don't know what Pocky is, you are missing out on life, friend.)
And now I've satisfied Miss T, time for a whole lot of laundry and a nice long sleep.


tmar89 said...

You hit the submit button twice. (points and laughs at the screen in a "Nelson-esque" way)

Tracy said...

Better. Thank you.