19 February 2007

Unexpected Things People Have Said to Me This Week

"Because you're in good shape." - My fourth-degree black belt tae kwon do instructor.

"Who's that naked chick?" - My brother.

"Your other alternative is to find a sugar daddy." - My financial advisor.


tmar89 said...

My instructor (3 years ago) said to a guy working out next to me, "You're too fat to do proper situps. See this guy (point to me) here. Now that's a flat stomach and he does them correctly"

Sadly, that guy next to me was me now.

Karen said...

Mine was "Honey, I'd make love to a walrus for you."

Ask me later.

Sarah said...

I'm asking you right here and now, lady.

beth said...

i love your financial advisor. is your advisor a he? perhaps he was offering... hmmm.