18 February 2007

Kerrin's Weekly Roundup

It's Bizarre Rhetorical Question Day! Some of the less neurotic things I've been wondering about.
  • Do the people who do the voicemail instructions really talk like that? (...then I remembered I'd sat in on a voice over artist recording once - and yeah, she sort of did. Then I found Voices.com and I wondered what keywords I'd get for my voice. Then that made me think of this video. Then my train of thought careered onward....)
  • If Kurtis Blow had known about The Melting Pot, would he have suggested you fondue it, do it, do it? (...God, I'm so sorry. That was bad. Blame it on a song in my head and a massive fonduey dinner feast.)
  • Wouldn't it be better to end with a bang AND a whimper? (...and that's not much better.)
  • Once you start to think about them together, how confusing is it to try to pronounce "payola" and "paella"? (...I know it sounds dumb. It is dumb. But really.)Could anything make you sleepier than watching a panda sleep? (...seriously, if you see the big fluffy guy roll over and flop a paw over his eyes, it's narcotic.)
  • And finally... does anyone ponder things like this besides me?
Maybe there are questions better left unanswered.

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