25 May 2006

Random Musings on Jodie Foster

Something about the way Jodie Foster talks has always bugged me. It’s her diction, or her expressions, or both. She’s awesome, but ever since I saw the original Freaky Friday on TV, it’s gotten on my nerves.

But now from this commercial I see that whatever it is, it’s been exactly the same since she was nine.

(In passing, did you know she was 45? I didn’t. Wow, she looks good.)

In more recent Jodie Foster news, I had heard about her Penn commencement speech.

Now that I see it I’m not sure what to think. It's ballsy ... creative ... self-deprecating. But also, frankly, embarrassing. As a fellow white girl, I literally blushed watching it.


Karen said...

Yeesh. Jodie. Not so much a blush for me as a cringe. There are white people with soul. She's trying, but, no.

leidis said...

She is a nice person, and by the way, she is 43, she'll be 44 on november 19.