19 December 2003

What do you think?

The notoriously right-wing American Family Association is conducting a poll on gay marriage, the results of which they promise to show Congress. When the poll was first posted, nearly 100% opposed gay marriage and/or civil unions, but now - after being circulated to less insane individuals - it's gone down to 80% and now is below 50%.

Let your voice be heard - take the poll and pass on the link. It can be found at: http://www.afa.net/petitions/marriagepoll.asp

Somehow, this smacks of urban legend to me, but it appears real. The link takes an awful long time to open, but give it a minute. Props to Casey for the forward, and also for getting into law school!

And Tommy? Is a great big copycat.


It really does appear legit. Check this out. Yay for the power of the Internet, in that case. Rock on free speech. But Tommy? Still a copycat. :)

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