27 May 2008

Happy Summer: Soundtrack Edition

I don't think I've ever linked to a Myspace music profile, but I'm completely in love with a song El just sent me.

(It's from a Brooklyn reggae kid, it's on the French dance charts - it's weird, of course I like it!)

But really - go listen to Nicco's Destination and tell me you're not ready for summer.


Jillian Villafane | Make-up Artist said...


Oh dear.

This isn't like the time you tried to convince people that the JC Chasez song 'Some Girls Dance with Women' was good...Is it?

Sarah said...


I need friends with shorter memories.

No. This is not like that.

Nicco said...

Hey this is Nicco here. I'm glad you like my song Destination. Please pass it around to everybody. Just trying to get it out there as much as possible. Much love to you. bless