15 April 2008

C'mon Get Happy

This afternoon I was grouchy.

But then a lot of things cheered me up.


Wow. Am I a storyteller or what?

Anyway, I thought I'd borrow a page from Karen and list my happy things. But the thing is, when I do that, I notice that the things that cheer me up are a little weird:
  • Smelling the hyacinths mixed in with the daffodil beds as I walked out the door from work.
  • Still seeing afternoon light even though it was after seven.
  • Adorable neighbors saying hello as I got home.
  • Unfreezing the DVD player after I was afraid it had eaten the putrid Ryan Reynolds DVD out of spite.
  • Learning that I am to be the recipient of the Best Bridesmaid Gift Ever, the Ryan Reynolds Box Set, a threat/promise on which Maria cannot renege even if it has to be made with a shoebox and Scotch tape and a Sharpie.
  • Turning on the TV to see Andy pitching (yes, of course the TV was left on YES).
  • Realizing I don't need to make or decorate any more cookies for a little while.
  • Watching Jon Stewart talk about being bitter, elitist and from western Pennsylvania.
  • Making rice and beans for supper.
  • Bailing on working out in favor of curling up for a geriatrically early bedtime.
Yeah, it's geeky, but it's that kind of night. You cheer up however you can in this world.

1 comment:

Karen said...

Good for you girlie! See, it's totally the little things. Sorry that RR movie was so terrible. But it went with the theme...