14 March 2008

Southern Comfort

Up way too late, floor shaking, hair sticking to the back of your neck, a little bit sore, hoarse and exhausted from screaming and laughing for two hours.

There are two things that do this.

One is a Cowboy Mouth show.

I'd forgotten. I'd thought I was over it. I thought they'd lost their touch.


Their music is great - but the best thing you can say about listening to their albums is that they remind you of their live shows. So much energy. So much fun. Just unbelievable.

(And - for people who've known about them for a while: I miss Rob Savoy and Paul Sanchez, but Regina Zernay was amazing, and JP Pretus was a lot of fun. And - as always at their shows - I ran into friends who I haven't talked to in forever.)

So yeah. I'm exhausted, but my ears have stopped buzzing and my voice is coming back. And in a week where the R&B download charts are topped by Ashley Alexandra Dupre, and my Twitter feed this morning included

Snoop Dogg snoopdogg imma be on THE VIEW tomorrow mornin - checc it out

Yeah, sometimes it's nice to have the just plain good stuff.

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