02 March 2008

Weekly Roundup: Monsters, Songsters, Actors, Flacks. and Tech Support

  • Public relations is mostly just about being real. A breakthrough, that.
  • Patrick Stewart as Macbeth? Ooooh, yes please.
  • In Japan, March 3 is Girls' Day, or Hina-matsuri - "hina" meaning girl or princess. March 3 is my birthday, and "Sarah" means princess. (No point. I just liked that.) Also, Ronan Keating and I share a birthday. In addition to our soulmate connection, of course. (I digress.)
  • Cookie Monster on NPR. Fabulous.
  • flickrvision and twittervision. Totally addictive mashups.
  • Sirens magazine. Biting, funny, true.
  • Running iTunes off an external hard drive is not working for me. I am afraid to investigate further tonight, but it appears the library is suddenly missing all kinds of random songs... again. If I have to copy the whole thing over from the backup external... again... I shall be displeased. It takes days to sort out the duplicates. Drop me a note if you can help/commiserate.


Matthew said...

Internal, duh. It's actually very easy, and back it up with a DVD burner.

Karen said...


omg that cookie monster clip is the perfect thing to start a monday :) I actually lol'ed

Sarah said...

I can't fit my library internally. That's the problem in the first place.