19 February 2008

New Music Tuesday: Dueling Titles

Tricked by my iPod.

I went looking for Mickey Factz "Heartbeat"... and got Scouting for Girls "Heartbeat" instead.

Which wasn't what I wanted, but was actually pretty good in its own way. Serendipity.

Neither's on iTunes, but here are some ghetto deep links.
Which one do you like?

(Oh, and while I'm here? Apart from bands, MySpace is so 2005. Get a Facebook, would you?)


Karen said...

I'm a fan of SfG, just newly. I listened to the link for the other but it can't compare.

And would you cut it out with the facebook already? Do you know how many things I have on my to do list that are not "create yet another social networking site profile" ? gah.

Sarah said...

Scouting for Girls are sweet and I do like them - but Mickey's got a place in my heart like nobody else.

(Also, it's not my fault you're passe.)