08 February 2008

Bridge and Tunnel, Indeed

Ever have one of those days where you do something that seems funny at the time, but later you cringe just thinking about it?

Next time you have one of those, just watch this. (Jalopnik via B)

You will feel so much better.

Apparently this is Jill Nicolini, and a Google reveals that... well, propriety may not be her strong suit. And she's not from New Jersey, thank you. But to be fair, she is awful pretty.

(Related, but confidential for Jon: your favorite.)


Matthew said...

I really hope you aren't mocking dance friday, aka the only morning news I ever watched. Well, that would imply that the CW is actually broadcasting news so I guess you can't really call it that. Jill TV works.

Sarah said...

Questions that brings up:

1. This is a regular thing?

2. People watch the CW?

Jon said...

Wonderful work as usual... This made me laugh this morning, and I did need that. An overwhelming taste of garlic haunts me.

Also, true fans should note jillnicolini.com, and also should goodle search under images:
Jill Nicolini Playboy

Don't knock the CW!!! At least they're fun.