01 January 2008

It's Gonna Be a Happy New Year

New Year's posts usually are one of two things... lists of the Top Somethings, or wishing people a happy new year. Both overdone. The first I don't have the expertise for, and the second is well-deserved, but finished. So what do you get?

You get me telling you that I know how lucky I am, how many wonderful things I have in my life, and how hard I have to try to deserve them. I've had a truly amazing 2007, and a lot of those wonderful things aren't things; they're wonderful people. And it's eye-rollingly mushy, but it's true: I am just plain blessed to have shared it with them.

So here's what you get... a toast. Here's to doing the best to deserve more good things in 2008.

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Hula Doula said...

Happy New Year!