20 November 2007

Thoughts Pondered While Catching Up on "Heroes", Vol. 2

  • If your evil alter egos kept trapping you behind your full-length mirror... wouldn't you just stay away from that mirror?
  • Elle may never have gone on a date, but she does get around.
  • Also, Elle's five years less creepily young than Claire. Ahem, Milo.
  • (However, Kristen Bell is so not 24.)
  • I have no idea what did or didn't happen, or when any of it happened, or what I thought happened but didn't actually - and it is making it really hard to care when someone dies.
  • But still, would you please stop killing D.L.?
  • Seriously, Milo Ventamiglia really must have a shirtless clause.
  • Thank goodness for the miraculous blood of NPH, because the Pasdar is awful pretty.
  • That is a very stupid-looking nose bandage thing.
  • Hayden's mascara is much too gloppy.
  • "These guys were involved in some organization back in the 70's." "...Like a disco?" Hee.
  • NPH exists at every moment in all of history. Let that be a lesson to us all.
  • Holy hell, Nissan.

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