28 October 2007

Weekly Roundup: Sox and Links

Since yesterday's liveblogging of my day - what was up with that? I never do that. That's what happens when Sac tells me to post. I go overboard - I have grounded myself. I discovered yesterday afternoon that I need to do a whole lot of financial math ASAP. (You may know me well enough to know how I am with math. So stop laughing and wish me luck.)

It's all very exciting. However, it means that I've had to miss out on the birthday of the fabulous Jon, which made me very sad. Since the Red Sox won I am sure that it was very happy, but I'm very sorry I wasn't there. But he might like this. Good luck today Jon (even though it is the Red Sox).

For everybody else:

  • Oskope is the coolest way to find things.
  • Calypso Cards makes Selfish Kitty cards which are sold at Urban Muse and are funny stuff.
  • Paper Stories makes Bittersweet cards which are elegantly profane. Just like me.
  • Greg is my fairy godmother. He is also a PR geeeenius and this post should be memorized by everyone in the industry.
  • Jillian is a makeup diva. But she is also now a ridiculously successful makeup diva with one killer website.
  • Death Counter is creepy but appropriate for Halloween.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Jon Says...

Thanks! You were missed on my birthday... but it's all good.

Jon also says, that is one cool website. I wonder if Jillian could arrange for "churchee" to give a birthday shout out to a fan!?!?!?..