07 October 2007

Weekly Roundup: Have Some Links, I'm Busy on Another Website

Things I Would Very Much Like

Stop Talking cards from Set
Play It Safe/Risk It coin from Good
I Fuck Like a Girl shirt from Mighty Girl
Rapping Paper

Other Places to Buy Good Things

Pretty shoes from Piperlime
Geeky daily bargains from Woot

Other Goodness

An update to the best commercial ever, Channel Four's "What's Your Favorite Swear Word?"
Jillian on E!
Zafu, the place to find the right stuff

1 comment:

Erin Flannery said...

My favorite swear word ever was mentioned by a guy in a Yankees cap. WHo he is I have no idea.

But I learned "cock-sucker-mother-fucker" when my dad did home improvements. It's still my favorite.