30 October 2007

Questions Pondered While Catching Up on "Heroes"

  • How far can a "two men raising a little girl" setup go before the inherent homoeroticism has to be discussed? How about when they have a middle-of-the-night argument about who has the bigger "daddy issues"? Maybe then?
  • Is there a "frequently shirtless" clause in Milo Ventimiglia's contract?
  • Is it creepy to watch a girl sit in high school classes when you know she's dating a (frequently shirtless) 29-year-old?
  • Or, is it just creepy that an 18-year-old is dating a 29-year-0ld?
  • Is the gaijin hero actually NPH, or does he just look distractingly like NPH?
  • Does "Heroes" employ the use of the VERY worst green screen in televisual history?
  • What kind of name is "West"?
  • Did they even wonder what an Irish accent sounded like before rolling camera?
  • Exactly how much did Nissan pay NBC, anyway?
  • Will I ever again be able to look at a guy with stubble and heavy eyebrows without worrying that he might want to slice my head in two?

1 comment:

Karen said...

No, it's David Anders who was previously a big character on Alias, not that you watched that. But he does look a little NPH-y.

To the rest, Word.