19 September 2007


Now that I am back, I need your help.

I'm thinking I might go to the Hunt this year. Mostly because it sounds like fun, but a little bit because it would be a splendid excuse to get a pretty pair of wellies, as I've wanted to do for some time. I've found lots of cute ones, but not the perfectly perfect pair yet. (Although these might do nicely if I could actually find them on the site.)

So there you go. Find the prettiest wellies!


Tracy said...

If I'd have known about your desire for pretty Wellies, I would have brought them back from the UK with me. I saw lots! Although, I don't think they are pretty at all. Also, you may want a sowester.

Hula Doula said...

I think you have the market on pretty Wellies. Honestly being where I'm from....didn't know much about them.