22 September 2007

How to Lose That Pesky Water Weight

  1. Wait for the warmest day of the month.
  2. Wait for unexpected rainstorm to make humidity a delicious one billion percent.
  3. Strap oneself with sparring gear.
  4. Surround oneself with people wearing intimidatingly dark-colored belts.
  5. Keep up.
Warning: may result in instantaneous death. Even if instantaneous death does not occur, may probably still result in longing for said death.

At least I went for a facial afterward to get some of my girlie back. (Like I was so girlie to begin with.) I'm a pretty pretty princess.

1 comment:

Hula Doula said...

OY VEY! Sounds like that 's the type of work out I need!! You could make millions...millions setting it up for other people! LOL