05 August 2007

Weekly Roundup: Sleepytime Plz?

I think I had a good week. There's a lot of stuff that's not resolved and some of it is decidedly grumpy-making. But I did do a lot of work and more importantly had an awful lot of fun and went to some amazing places and met people I liked and saw people I'd missed. The bad stuff isn't going away, but I'll handle it.

AND Saturday I was just in time to see this from only a few rows away!

Thought One
It's interesting to see a new side to a person. Sometimes it's very good. Sometimes it isn't. And sometimes both happen with the same person. That happened this week.

Thought Two
Sometimes you want a person to know that you need them to listen. But sometimes you have to realize that you have to just start talking for that to happen. That happened this week, too.

Thought Three
You should always get eight hours of sleep a night. That didn't even come close to happening this week.

This week's roundup is some reading that I like, cos and in case maybe you will like them too.
  • Liz has cancer. Liz is also fucking funny.
  • (Kerrin and) I should make this, these, these, this, these and this. Also perhaps shop here.
  • This sounds like the most spectacular holiday imaginable right now.
  • I like this photo essay on shoes. Her photography is sort of both spunky and elegant. And this photo essay is one of the things that make me long to be a gardening sort of person. Equally I like this essay on being a dilettante. For better or for worse, I think that's one of the words that describes me rather well.
  • I have one of these posters (awaiting mat, frame, and a wall) as do two of my favorite people. But the clothing might help too.
  • 39 ways to live is common sense that is hard to actually get up the nerve to do.
  • Postsecret and Found are just places to go back to.
Now it's time for a silly cat moment and getting on with my afternoon.

Edited cos I can be forgetful of the very best things when trying to remember everything!

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