29 July 2007

Weekly Roundup: Clever Title Here

  • To Joanne Rowling for making me laugh and cry and you just don't know what you're missing.
  • To Liz for getting me going.
  • To the Biscuit for the best not-a-beach-weekend of massages, and ice cream, and sushi, and Reisling snuck into outdoor theatre, and lazy brunch, and fabulous shopping.
  • I may not be as irreplaceable as I had assumed.
  • It's time for another moment when nobody knows where on the planet I am.

I'm up for some bizarre traveling so maybe not much to say for the next week or so. Enjoy the summer thunderstorms and please keep fingers crossed that I get through Greensboro, do New York proper, and maybe even get to go to Vienna.

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