22 July 2007

Weekly Roundup: Life Gets in the Way

These Sunday roundup posts are supposed to be for a whole mess of links to help keep you occupied during the week. But I'm going to hope that your weeks have been like mine lately - that is, that you have so much stuff going on that you don't have time to check this. Cos I have had so much stuff going on every weekend that I don't have time to rustle up fun links.

There has been just so much being outdoors and perfect sunshine and so many friends and in every quiet space there has been a random "hey, what are you doing? want to..." phone call and it's just been really pretty fantastic. I am a lucky lucky girlie.

All of which to say... you're getting five random links from my del.icio.us. Happy weekend.
  • Elave: ballsiest skincare company ever. NSFW. Nothing bad, but NSFW.
  • Kino Sandals: pretty and hard to find and therefore trendy.
  • Pink Dolphin: no, it's not the name of a clothing line or something. It's just a pink dolphin.
  • Horse in the Tour de France: this is the video I told Tracy about.
  • Fight Science: this is an old special but it's just wild. Tommy will be a slut for it.

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J said...

Those sandals are fug.