18 July 2007

Victoria Beckham: Coming to America

Okay now. The people who have sent me the bad reviews of Posh's TV special (and you know who you are, PETER AND MATT) can just hush up.

It was completely wonderful and she is lovely and funny and adorable and I continue to love her undaunted.

Love knows no reason, people. So shhh.


Matthew said...

I am now genuinely concerned over your mental well-being.

Peter said...

Matt: Can I buy you a beer? :)

Karen said...

Boys, be quiet!

OK, you convinced me. When I saw a commercial on Bravo for Thursday's re-airing, I said to Kris "I'm gonna Ti-faux that."

To his masculine credit, he replied "Why?"

I guess he can join Matt and Peter for a beer. Or Juicy Juice. Whatever. As long as we can do each other's hair and watch gossip tv, who cares :)