29 April 2007

Weekly Roundup: Serendipitous Beauty Edition

  • The Daily Puppy. I guess it's more "cute" than "beautiful" technically but oh my dear sweet Jesus I really want a dog right now. Anybody want to lend me theirs? Just for a run or two. I'll give them back before they wake me up in the morning.
  • Flight Patterns. Mostly for Matt, but it's just really cool. If air traffic control were ballet, it would be this.
  • I Can Feel it in the Air Tonight. You will not be able to watch this clip without smiling. And possibly feeling sort of wonderful, too. It's just gorgeous.

...now I have to go upload some pictures so we can see how Erin and Rinnie look rock climbing.
I bet they look EXTREEEEEME.

Updated to add: while uploading I looked at my Flickr counts and I have to say, I'm pretty disturbed that this is my most-viewed photo. They're nice and all, but they're not even mine! (Literally - even the inflatables themselves didn't belong to me.) Could y'alls please go click on a few other photos to at least give that more company? And I wouldn't say no to a comment or two, either.

(Updated to also add: if my friends really really love me they will send me pictures that make me look equally extreeeeeme.)


Tracy said...

I'll have the dogs leashed and at the door. Just say when.

Matthew said...

ATC is ballet.
The entire system is amazing to see in action. The level of stress on those people is mind blowing too. Listening to ground controllers at JFK at 5 pm ET would make some people cry, let alone trying to think it through. Looking at that movie has some order and logic to it, the real thing only has green blips with some text next to them. Makes you appreaciate a good controller when you get one.