24 April 2007

Secrets to Life

Alec Holden won $50,000 this week by staying alive.

Ten years ago, he took 250/1 odds that he'd make it to his 100th birthday.

The bookies are delighted for him. (Except not really. But in a delicate, proper kind of "not really". They're not going to bump him off or anything.)

Anyway, he was asked how he got there. And these were his rules.
  • Porridge for breakfast.
  • Do as little work as you can.
  • Go on as many holidays as you can.
  • Keep breathing.
You can see that interview in CNN's Offbeat (which won't link to clips, annoyingly). And in other interviews, he apparently added:
  • Tell no lies.
  • Don't worry about anything.
Not a bad set of rules. And him saying "porridge for breakfast" was completely adorable.

Happy birthday, Mr. Holden. And many more.


tmar89 said...

What is porridge exactly? Is it oatmeal? Is it cream of wheat? Or Farina? I like Farina!

Sarah said...

D). All of the above.