11 March 2007

Kerrin's Weekly Roundup

You do not expect coherence out of me, do you? Y'all just don't. I am just tired all over.

If you're a friend on Flickr, you can see all the pictures I just uploaded. (If not, let me know.) I tried to make pretty labeled sets but it died halfway through and I don't have the temper to try again. Maybe tomorrow.

In the interest of quickest possible sleep, here's some random-ass links. Enjoy, and expect something better... eventually.
  • Lisa Congdon is gorgeous art, in the "wow, I could almost do that" sort of inspirational genre.
  • You Don't Know Jack is back, as an online game - fun, but requires sound.
  • Jungle Crazy is a collection of the biggest deals on Amazon.
  • Partly, I think the Archos 704 is a crazy cool MP3 player; partly, I just enjoy the Techie Diva post title, "touchable seven inches." Because you know they're getting Google hits accidentally.
  • Feel Your Boobies. Fashion. Women's health. All in one. Geeenius.

1 comment:

tmar89 said...

Jack is back! And so is 1999?