16 February 2007

The Mostest

Today you get a meme. Lookit me being lazy. The game: Google "yourfirstname is the most" (in quotes) and see what you get.
  • Sarah is the most beautiful girl in the world! ooh, good one.
  • Sarah is the most beautiful of the ladies. I mean, they're all attractive obviously, but I think it's Sarah's mouth that's got me.... got you what? What? O, the suspense.
  • Sarah is the most popular girl's name among White New York parents and #4 overall. The name Sarah comes from the Hebrew word for "princess." yes it does. Miss Princess to you.
  • Sarah is the most dramatic, the most extreme. She'd be the most at home in the twentieth century. well, I do try.
  • Sarah is the most reliable person you'll ever meet. If she says she'll be somewhere or do something, she is there. On time. With bells on. reliable... yes. on time? ...mmm....
  • Sarah is the most accurate portrayal yet. Each character you will see actually existed, actually spoke many of the words you will hear. yeah, I am a fairly accurate portrayal of myself. most days.
  • Sarah is the most complex character in Little Children, and Winslet incorporates those complexities in every reference. I so want Kate Winslet to play me!
  • Sarah is the most great friend i've known, she is full of energy and she is quite sexy, she really got a very deep feelings, she is one of the most unique... most unique what? Again with the suspense!
  • Sarah is the most artistic student in our class. Everyone comments on her artwork. Sarah has a unique sense of humor and is very helpful. aw, I think I get a gold star in art class.
  • Sarah is the most unique ambassador for Israel's good name. I certainly would be.

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Erin said...

Erin is the most awsome person Ive ever met, for an Amish girl! Not only is she WAY hott...

Erin is the most bad asss vegan...