11 February 2007

Kerrin's Weekly Roundup

Things That Made Me Happy This Weekend

  • Getting my belt
  • Wonderfully spoiling shopping with the equally wonderful Kerrin herself
  • Having my car all nice and shiny clean
  • Finding out that Medina has reopened
  • Breaking in my KitchenAid Professional
  • Finishing a movie with no emergencies intervening

Things to Look At

(In passing, isn't it odd that nobody's thought of an awkward hybrid word for "web video clip" yet? Something that sounds as ugly as "blog"?)

Things That Baffle Me

  • How it is possible for my father to excitedly share the most minute details of arcane baseball information (Like how many days it is until pitchers and catchers report to spring training. Or how XM is currently replaying the entire play-by-play of Game 5 of the 2000 World Series. Etc.) yet be blind to the irony of totally belittling anyone who has any interest in other, similarly niche, interests. Like, for example, the death of Anna Nicole Smith. Either way, you're paying way too much attention to something that exists entirely to be a spectacle.
  • How so many people will stand in so long a line for so long a time at Starbucks. If you’re drinking the coffee to get you moving faster, why don’t you just save half an hour and not get coffee? Although I do like that they’re promoting Corinne Bailey Rae and Lily Allen.
  • Why the lead singer of KISS chose to exhibit his paintings at the Short Hills Mall on Saturday afternoon. Just... incongruous.


Karen said...

Where is the picture of the cat in front of the computer captioned "Im postin' kittipix, steelin' all yer timez."

I love those kitties.

Hula Doula said...

I agree with you on ALL of the things that baffle me. I have many times this last week thought about how sports, Anna Nicole, Starbucks...etc.

beth said...

great roundup!

what did you make with your Kitchenaid?

Congrats on the belt!

I love the 365 Portraits.

And I think my eyes are burning from watching the video of that kid. Ridiculous! But, also? Hilarious.