25 February 2007

Kerrin's Weekly Roundup: Vidblogging

Rehabitual Britney: Brit vs. Amy Winehouse. You will go to hell for it, but you will giggle just a little. That poor girl.

George Takei on Tim Hardaway: A classic riposte to homophobia. This man is fantastic.

And now because I'm sick of figuring out the YouTube coding... and because I can't figure out how to embed Quicktime anyway... just some links. You do the hard work.

  • My loathing of Taco Bell is completely validated, but I may never hear the word "plump" without cringing again. (Also, has Magee Hickey's name always weirded you out, too? No? Just me?)
And one last non-video-related thing... may I please never go to wherever it is that truck testicles are considered popular accessories?

Now, off to watch the Fug Girls liveblog the Oscars.

1 comment:

Karen said...

What a delightful and neverending source of entertaining webclips you are. I musta watched the Britney one at least 5 times. I <3 George Takei! And the Pulp Fiction thing is cool. And dorky. But so are we.

In other news, I have reached the end of the internet and NEED to go back to work :)