28 January 2007

Kerrin's Weekly Roundup

  • Handbag.com is considering the Least Sexy Men of the Year. (Because, you know.... they're just not Sac.) Their (Brit-centric) nominations are Pete Doherty, Russell Brand, Tom Cruise, Kevin Federline, Jude Law, Callum Best, Paul Danan, James Blunt, Brendan Cole and Peter Andre. To which I say: Pete Doherty. Yuck. He's winning (losing?) with 36% of the vote. I'd also have included Dr. Phil, the naked fat guy from Borat, Borat and John Mayer.
  • I don't want to spoil "The Departed", but I don't like sitting through two hours of movie only to have the screenwriters give up on finding a resolution and just finding the shortest way to wind things up. The acting was great (if you don't mind Jack Nicholson gnawing on the scenery, even when he isn't actually pretending to be a rat) and it was just really good all through... till all the air just went out of it. But if you get how I'm supposed to care about the ending, let me know.
  • And, because I've totally run out of things to say, here's a random picture for you. Home sweet home - it's the Pope Library.

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