14 January 2007

Kerrin's Weekly Roundup: Tiny, Shiny and Pretty

  • Movies I watch in a normal month: maybe one. Movies watched in the last three days: over five (The Queen, very good; Little Miss Sunshine, of whose indie-angstyness I was skeptical but which was actually also quite good; Crash, incredible but really intense; Dreamgirls, very very good if you know it's going to be a full-on musical, and now I want the soundtrack; a little part of The Guardian, nothing special but then when has the presence of Kevin Costner meant much else; and Mean Girls, on now) With one business trip, I might actually be able to have an opinion this Oscar season.
  • Favorite new immigrants: Victoria and David Beckham. I think it's pretty sad that he's basically washing up over here, but since it's an awfully lucrative washing-up, I don't feel too bad. And this means more U.S. coverage of them, which, yay, they are so pretty!
  • Favorite email this week: from Matt, which read only, "Girl news:" and provided a link to the pretty, pretty new iPhone. (Or whatever they'll call it, I don't care about Apple's fight with Cisco.) He knows me well.
  • And since I am such a sucker for tiny, shiny, pretty things, here's another one out of CES: an MP3 player about the size of oh, say, maybe a wristwatch face. I am totally sucked in to the iTunes cult, so I'm not too envious - and I honestly don't understand what a USB bracelet would do exactly, but again: tiny, shiny, pretty? Good.
  • Oooh, and speaking of tiny, shiny and pretty, here's yet another reason to get a Mini.


Karen said...

The iPhone is HOT. I sent a link to my internship boss who just got a MacBook and her response was "Oh no, you've put me in early-adopter hell!" Hee.

Cingular, here I come.

Erin F said...

I want an iPhone. I would like everyone to note that it will be available right around June 16th... perhaps a great choice for a wedding gift.

I'm such a gadget hore.