03 December 2006

Kerrin's Weekly Roundup 2

The second weekly installment. Because Rinnie wants to know what's out there. Here it is....

(Britney-lady-parts free for your convenience. Because I know everyone has already seen THAT.)

  • The Show With Ze Frank is what happens when someone promises to post a video blog every weekday for a year. There is political commentary. And weirdness. And duckies!
  • SomaFM is Internet radio at its best. And "Xmas in Frisko" is the best of the best.
  • National Lampoon's "Seinfeld: The Lost Episode". Who knew National Lampoon still did anything? And was funny?
  • Baby Toupee. The best shower gift EVER. Every baby on earth should have one.
  • Eric Prydz Vs. Pink Floyd "Proper Education". Amazing: I actually like a Pink Floyd song.
  • The Fug Girls are the best. And they have just given me my new favorite phrase, "mad as pants".

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