17 December 2006

Kerrin's Weekly Roundup

Thanks to Perez Hilton, YouTube, and Erin (who's updated her wish list!). Because without them, I had just about nothing for this entry. And now we're chock full of linky goodness. Splendid.

I'm tired tonight. I had a date with 110 relatives on Saturday, and with twice as many Christmas cookies on Sunday. 'Tis the season. I love it.

The baking-marathon tradition is wonderful. And when but at a family party are you going to get strangers coming up to you, grasping you about the shoulders, and gasping, "You are so beautiful!"

That just doesn't happen to me at work.

  • Musical notes. (Ha, ha, see what I did there? So clever. [Told you I was tired.])
    • Leona Lewis just won "X Factor" (an "Idol"-type show in the UK) and she's unbelievable. Her single is going to be the same as Kelly Clarkson's, "A Moment Like This," which is unimaginative of Simon - but it's good. And, like Billy Mack, she's tipped to be the Christmas No. 1.
  • Ian Ziering will be on the next season of "Dancing With the Stars". I work with the only two people on the planet who watch that show. But Steve Sanders was always my favorite. And I used to know his uncle. (In passing - Tucker Carlson was on this show? This is what I miss by not watching TV.)
My next two days are going to be spent in the pursuit of... if not academic excellence, at least academic completion. I've got a bet to win. Wish me luck - and if you catch me on MySpace, or reading dreck like these links, or posting, come smack me.

(Oh, and good night, Sac darling.)

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Frank said...

you obviously missed this better performance