04 November 2006

Totally Addicted to Bass

I'm getting new speakers tomorrow and I feel like it's Christmas. My cones have been going (that sounds vaguely dirty) and it's been making me nuts. I'm so looking forward to no more bass rattling!

But here's an open question: what music program do all y'all use?

I don't use a download program now - just a combination of iTunes and mp3 blog sites and aggregators. Mostly because I don't want a lot of spyware to worry about. But I want to be able to find my random-ass requests and that doesn't always get it done. Like, for instance, this week I went looking for:
  • the aforementioned Dusty Springfield, "Son of a Preacher Man" (bought it)
  • Feddy Le Grande, "Put Your Hands Up for Detroit" (couldn't find it)
  • Nas, "Hip Hop Is Dead" (got it)
  • the abovementioned Puretone, "Totally Addicted to Bass" (couldn't find it)
  • Beyonce, "Irreplaceable" (ended up buying the whole album, it sounds like it should be good)
  • Robbie Williams, "Lovelight" (didn't find the original, but did get a Soulwax dub that's fantastically growly, although overlong)
  • My Chemical Romance, "Welcome to the Black Parade" (got it)
  • Cascada, "Every Time We Touch" (got it, although I suspect I already have it someplace)
  • Kanye West feat. Lupe Fiasco, "Touch the Sky" (ditto)
  • Panic! At the Disco, "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" (couldn't find it)
So this is my weird taste. Now. LimeWire? Morpheus? Kazaa? BitTorrent? Which one is best? Why?


Update: This is so much more complicated than I thought.


Tommy said...

I do a few things. I have Morpheus Lite installed which isn't loaded too much with spyware and if I'm looking for a song I go there first. If I can't find it there I go to iTunes which usually doesn't have it if Morpheus doesn't have it. Then I'll go to scrapetorrent.com and do a search for it in various manners (artist, title).

As for torrents, I subscribe to promo onlys which have alot of new music that has or hasn't come out yet. Here's the RSS feed for it:

Anonymous said...

I don't suppose paying for music would be considered an option? :)

Sarah said...

Hello, iTunes? I'm fine with paying if they'd have everything I want. But they don't. See above. Hence and therefore and harumph to you, Anonymous.

Sarah said...

And Tommy - scrapetorrent, utorrent or Kazaa Lite - utorrent best?

Frank said...

you could always just ask me - I think I have all the tracks you're looking for. Just like anyone else that ever needs a song.

I use soulseek - which tends to get me what I need

Sarah said...

I know - but I do sort of want to be able to download music myself. I feel it's an important new-millennium skill to acquire. Like the ability to predictive-text without looking at the keys, or write a snappy MySpace comment. Plus, it eliminates the embarrassment of admitting I want, you know, Girls Aloud "Something Kinda Oooh". Or something. Not that I do of course.

Karen said...

I'm a LimeWire girl. Most times I find what I want. Like the other day, I found a song by Jon Coulton called "Re Your Brains". Never heard of it before and I would bet it's pretty obscure :)

I was going to then mock your musical taste, but I suppose I'm in no position.