12 July 2005

Johnny vs. Jolie

  • Very rich?
  • Impressively philanthropic?
  • Philosophic, sometimes pedantically so?
  • American but deliberately international, sometimes ostentatiously so?
  • Possessed of a very hot significant other?
  • Frequent maker of intriguing acting choices?
  • Hot in an unsettling, broody, chiseled, vaguely Goth way?
  • Occasionally batshit crazy?

... True for both Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. But...

...Not Angelina Jolie.

...Therefore, winner: Not Johnny Depp.

The first of an occasional series written in the style of much more interesting blogs.

For my amusement, but also ideally a more interesting way of saying, "Hey, y'alls, go look at this website, it's fun reading."

This one is a hopefully-adequately mimic of FameTracker, which is currently comparing Depp to chocolate. See, they're wacky and innovative like that.

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