23 June 2004

J-Mom: You Heard It Here First.

I have inside gossip! (Really inside, not just "I heard it on Gawker" inside.)

Furniture was just delivered to Casa J-Lo. BABY furniture.

That's right, people. How inside am I?


Jillian said...

Where did you hear this? I demand to know right now! And Marc A is f'ing uglyyyyy. At least with Ben her kids might have been cute...

That silly bitch is out of her mind.

Anonymous said...

No wonder she got married so quickly.

And now I'm picturing the wedding in Spaceballs "Married in a hurry?! Do you?" "Yes." "Do you?" "Yes." "Good. You're married. Kiss her."


Sarah said...

I work with a woman whose daughter is dating the mover who moved the furniture in. :)