06 October 2003

Random acts of silliness.

You got one? Cause I can use every single one I can get at the moment.

I'm PMSy, and I'm crabby, and for the first time in years I've forgotten my datebook so I feel completely naked, and I'm sort of sleepy, and I'm counting points like a champ. All of that had been slightly annoying and a little stressful.

But this morning, before breakfast, I discovered that quite possibly, I will be - due to someone else's really pretty terrible circumstances - out of a home.


And the annoying bit - on top of the just plain stressfulness of that - is that I won't know until later this week. Or so I'm told.

So yeah. You got silly? I need silly.

Here's one: Stealth Disco.

Not silliness, but good: Patrick Marber's Closer is going to be film... ified. Turned into a movie. I don't know what the verb is. But it's an incredible play, and you should go read it straightaway, and if you want to borrow my copy you can because I have two.

And, since Natalie Portman will be playing Alice's character (who I think is renamed Ann for some reason) in the film adaptation (adapted! That's the verb!), I know at least one person will come see it with me. Heh. Should I mention that there's lots of sex in it? Nah.

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