02 July 2003

International Apology Shirt, and more.

Oooh, it's random thought day! Here are some to chew on:

One. I really want this shirt, and it is only my recent spree at the GAP online sale that is holding me and my VISA card back.

Two. Today I learned the meaning of the word "santorum". I'm not linking that to anything; you'll have to find out what it means on your own. I'm certainly not about to tell you.

Three. I've liked Panjabi MC since I first got my Sirius satellite radio (because the dance stations play "Beware of the Boys" - you know, the Knight Rider song - all the time) and, fortunately since my Sirius tuner will not be fixed for a MONTH, it looks like it's getting more popular. But the Village Voice is getting a little snooty about it. (Surprise.) But they do have one good suggestion in there... the Bend It Like Beckham soundtrack. Oooh... it's made my the wish list.

Four. Okay, I got the titles to show. But the font is all effed up. If you know how to fix this, tell me.

Five. I have LL Cool J stuck in my head - which is not an unpleasant thing - and it's the fault of Alison of ackrite.org fame - or infamy, I suppose. Go see Alison, but don't call it a comeback.

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